Jackson Casey, 15, soon to be our next door neighbor, swinging over the Nile River.

We have homes to stay in, PTL, but Ben and I are currently homeless.

The day, I mean THE DAY, before we left for Uganda in October we received a great offer on our home. Our first home as a married couple, where we spent the first year and a half(ish) of our lives together as one. Now- sold.

Packing up, selling things, and throwing a lot of stuff away felt good. It felt like we were de-cluttering our lives. Purging the unnecessary. There were also a lot of other feelings, as one could imagine.

Standing in our kitchen for the last time, remembering all the dance parties, the pancakes, and the fellowship was bittersweet. I loved our little house. A few days before moving out I got to bake ALL DAY for two “Friendsgiving” parties. I made sweet potato fluff, green bean casserole, pecan pie, and over 100 cookies. God’s intimate spirit of peace was so close as I stood alone stirring, spilling, and not using proper measuring spoons…

I love that God invites me to be so incredibly honest with Him. He is my safe place. I told Him, through tears, that sometimes I just want to be a mom of four and cook all day for my family without ever leaving the house. “Days like this day.” And He is not surprised by my words. He’s very much aware of the desires of my heart (selfish or not), and how He created me. Yet, even more aware of how He created me for more. To leave the house, to follow Him, to love His people the way He shows me. Whether that is my next door neighbor, or my “next door” continent.

God reminded me that His plans for me are GOOD. That He is GOOD. He is who He says He is, and I am who He says I am (Great song, take a listen- I Am No Victim). And He wants me to truly believe it, because sometimes I truly don’t. Sometimes my anxiety is bigger than my faith. And *sometimes* is too often in and of itself, amen?!

Since moving out, we have stayed in VA a week, my parents place a week, Ben’s parents place a few days, Chicago, and now Nebraska, then Indianapolis, back to Ohio, back to Maryland, off to Uganda. In that order. Since moving out I have cried over not having “my own” kitchen. Yes, it is true, but just once and I was really tired so don’t judge me.

I think my emotions were (are) mainly a result of feeling unsettled, because hello ^^^. It has been hard, but it has also been REALLY beautiful and sweet. Ben and I have felt God’s word come alive more than ever before. We are beyond honored. Like way way beyond. To infinity.

We are also so incredibly grateful. There is such a strong community of friends and family that love and support us, who are sending us off with such love and care. THANK YOU FAM.

Friendsgiving #1 with our small group from Grace Community Church. These people are family to us.

All of this put together has equaled Ben and I being super excited about moving to Uganda in January. Being in one spot!!! Hallelujah. Home base again with a kitchen! No dishwasher, or way to tell what temperature our oven is, but hey, its a kitchen and I am not going to take it for granted.

I’m convinced this experience is going to shape our perspective, and our marriage, for the rest of our lives. And thats pretty awesome.

Prayer Requests:

  • Pray that we would say goodbye well to our loved ones here in the States.
  • Pray for protection and coverage over us and the Student Life Team as we move to Uganda in about ONE MONTH. The other two couples are leaving their young adult children in the States, and those mamas and dads are going to need some extra peace over their hearts.
  • Pray that we would be FOR unity and AGAINST comparison.

Praise Reports:

  • We are fully funded with our monthly commitments!!! Our minds have been blown. Thank you to all of our monthly supporters!!!! We are still accepting one time gifts if you would like to be on our team, and help us with flight tickets and travel– thank you in advance!
  • We have been able to travel so much to see so many friends and family before we go. Praise God for a working car to do so! We also met our team members, and that was super wonderful to bond and build relationship with them.
  • Our house is sold, and we are out! Such a large weight off of us as we prepare to leave.
  • God is alive and active, and oh so good.

Thanks for following along. 32 more days.

Lots of LOVE,

Ben & Lo

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